Entrepreneurship remains the core engine of growth in any diverse and growing economy, hence the biggest factor in job creation and uplifting the standards of living.

Cytonn eHub is a 12-week training and mentorship programme for young and upcoming entrepreneurs that seeks to enhance knowledge and capabilities on how to run and grow successful enterprises. It is an initiative of the Cytonn Foundation that encompasses all the pillars of the Foundation, namely: Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, and Training and Mentorship.

Cytonn eHub transforms ordinary business owners into sharp entrepreneurs by covering the following topics:

  1. The role of entrepreneurship in society, what it takes to be an entrepreneur and what drives entrepreneurs;
  2. Identifying a business opportunity and packaging your business idea;
  3. Understanding and developing your business strategy, mission and vision;
  4. Legal aspects in your business;
  5. Sourcing for capital and overcoming capital challenges;
  6. Understanding and preparing financials for your business;
  7. Business development and product development;
  8. Building a brand for your business;
  9. Sales and marketing skills;
  10. Acquiring and retaining the best asset: people;
  11. Creating the best client experience; and
  12. Mentorship and networking.

Participants of the 12-module course get weekly assignments, evaluations, and mentorship during the classroom training sessions. They are required to make a 12-week commitment and have the time to engage intensively in the programme as the training is very practical and hands-on.

Your investment in becoming a sharp entrepreneur is Kshs. 5,000, which can be paid in installments over the 12-week period. The proceeds of this programme go towards funding the award for the most exemplary participant, which is a capital injection of Kshs. 100,000.

Upon successful completion of the modules, you shall be awarded a certificate of participation and have a graduation ceremony.

Why should you Apply for the Cytonn Entrepreneurs Hub?

  • Cytonn eHub is perfect for you if you are considering an entrepreneurial venture but do not know how to go about it or if you are an entrepreneur and you are wondering how to take your business to the next level;
  • Cytonn eHub will give you access to mentors who will help you think through your business and overcome some of the challenges you face while running your business; and
  • Cytonn eHub will give you an opportunity to compete for actual funding in a forum of serious investors looking for venture opportunities

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • An individual with a business, which has been in existence for 6 -12 months
  • Someone with an actionable idea and a business plan.

Note: Applications are limited to real estate, financial services, technology, education, and hospitality sectors

Application for Cytonn eHub is closed, classes are expected to run between 4th August to 27th October 2018 at The Queensway House, Kaunda Street, Nairobi.